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A Water High?

How many glasses of water have you had today?

It’s probably not enough. A common recommendation is for adults to drink eight 8 oz glasses of water every day.

Have you experienced a surge of energy after drinking water? A water’s high is what happens when I get to a certain level of hydration and have lots of energy – I feel like I have to move, and I can’t sit down. I often experience this first thing in the morning (hint: dehydrated from lack of overnight hydration). If I have low energy, I will drink 2 glasses of water and go from not being able to get out of bed to high stepping in the kitchen. Later in the day, I need more than the 2 glasses to get me to the same point. I am a runner and lose a lot of fluids during exercise (especially in the warmer months). Bringing your body to a fully hydrated state can take you from feeling sluggish to energetic in minutes.

Have you experimented with your water consumption to see when your energy level changes? We are told we need to drink eight but how many glasses give you the energy boost water can provide. Is it possible you haven’t had enough water every day for a year?!!

Does it matter? Do you know what happens when you are dehydrated? Challenge yourself this week. Take the hydration test and see how many glasses of water it takes to get a boost of energy. How long does it last? Do you need more water later. Be sure and keep a restroom nearby😉

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