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Oh Instant Pot…How I love thee!

When we all think about the pandemic, there are plenty of negative things to recall, but let me tell you about an incredibly positive discovery I made.

…drum roll…

INSTANT POT!!!! It was a gamechanger for the family because I discovered the joy of cooking through the genius cooking machine - Quick, easy, and healthy meals galore & on a budget!

Gamechanger? I wasn’t a cook in any way. I only made hamburger and spaghetti. But the instant pot gave me some confidence to go an make, not just a meal, but a delicious meal the whole family would love. I have since learned about the “community” of Instant Pot Chefs with connections in all parts of our community. Instant Pot recipes are limitless… I like to say “the instant pot can make ANYTHING”. Trust me.

Families with kids home for the summer, your schedules are weird, and you just don’t want to mess with a “meal”; the instant pot is your secret weapon. Shopping is easier. Leftovers are bountiful. Kids can snack and serve themselves. Leave it and FORGET IT!! And hardly any clean up.

I have shared many of these recipes with clients and closest friends, and everyone is shocked and inspired by the ease and convenience the instant pot brings.

Bookmark this page!! You are going to want to try all of these!!

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