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How Sharp Are Your Claws?

The other night I was sitting with some very special people and the conversation came to New Year's resolutions and follow through. Through these discussions, it became apparent that people want to better themselves in the new year and usually this is centered around health, wellness, and physical activity.

The million dollar question is how many of those resolutions are fulfilled? Do you have a health and wellness resolution from previous years that were lost or forgotten?

Unfortunately, most resolutions are failed attempts. They didn't have sharp enough claws to stick ;) We always start out with best of intentions. The one or two times I have had successful changes - I have had help. I have had someone championing my cause or supporting me on my journey. Someone to help keep my claws sharp.

Have you had health goals on new years and it didn't happen the way you wanted in your mind? What I have found is there has to be an accountability piece. When that is in place -- goals and accountability -- this is where the hopes and dreams become reality.

I have clients who just need the little nudge of a simple emoji reminder midday to help keep them on track.

Everyone has different levels of accountability. I know I need help on cold, wet, early mornings. Some people need a partner for everything they do. Some people are so self-motivated, they don't need any accountability beyond themselves.

What is the claw or hold you need to make your goal stick? Maybe you don't have the foundation you need? That's where a mentor or a coach can help keep you on track, and make your goals a reality.

If you are interested in moving forward to a better you in 2022, please reach out. I would love to help you find what you need to be successful. I have a Tiger heart and am ready to help you sharpen your claws.

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