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Could You Be A Runner?

Are you running curious?

Still think running isn’t your jam?

I hear people tell me all the time “they just can’t run” or “I don’t like running”.

I want to get vulnerable with you for a second and share my health journey and how I got started with running. After 18 wonderful, but grueling, years, I let my Leander Band Family know I would be walking away from leading the program.

One day, I went for a run… Well, really it was a walk. I was able to run, but not very far and not very fast. But it was a start. I didn’t have the right shoes. I didn’t have a headset. I didn’t know what I wanted to achieve. I just knew I wanted to feel better about myself.

Looking back, here are the keys that made me successful.

  • Running Coach - I hired a running coach. My coach helped me develop goals and strategies for reaching my goals. My coach designed a daily program that met me where I was with a weekly program.

  • Great Places to Run - I discovered I loved finding new and interesting places to run. This gave me the opportunity to get outside and take in sights and sounds of the world around me.

  • Find a reason or purpose - My reason to run was that I wanted my health back. Maybe your purpose is losing weight or having more energy to play with your kids. Maybe you want to run a 5K with friends. Everyone has a reason for improving their health. What is your reason?

If you are thinking about getting into running or improving your health and fitness, please read this article. It has some simple, fun, creative ways to get started.

Even better, come to I would love to be a part of your journey. I have athletes at all levels and all ages. A personalized plan designed just for you that takes into account your lifestyle and your purpose, may be the best investment in your health and wellness you can make.

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