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Just BEET It

How do you feel about beets? It seems everyone has an opinion, you either love them or you hate them. For me, I was a hater. Beets are difficult to cut up. They leave a red mess everywhere they touch, and their flavor is different.

I have recently discovered creative ways to incorporate beets in my meals. Initially, i was hiding beets in smoothies and other sneaky foods. I discovered pre-cooked beets at Costco and canned beets from HEB. Over time, my palette evolved and now I appreciate and enjoy them.

So how did I come to include beets in my diet? Honestly, it's because of how incredibly good for you they are!! Several years ago some runners friends of mine started discussing the vasodilating impact of beets on the body. Many runners and endurance athletes began taking shots of beet juice prior to athletic events. Beets are an excellent source of nitrates, which are converted to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator which allows for increased blow flow throughout the body. Improved blood flow is an attractive feature when pushing through long endurance events. Whether it was placebo or not, I loved how I felt when I added beets into my diet.

This all got me curious -- what is a beet? What else can they do for me? Beets are thought to be anti-inflammatory, lower blood pressure, support improved energy, have anti-cancer properties, and improve athletic performance. Wow!! So I set out to find ways to add beets into my diet more consistently. I found smoothies and salads were the easiest ways to get beets into my body. I often paired the beets in my salad with goat cheese and a light vinaigrette. But I know not everyone is ready to sit down with a plate full of leafy greens, beets, and goat cheese.

So I have something event better... a definite winner... you have to believe me. I guarantee you will love eating these beets. (Even my somewhat picky eater children devoured these beets.)

What is the secret? You make BEET BROWNIES. oh my. They are wonderful!! The sweet, earthy flavor of the beets pairs perfectly with the chocolate to create the most perfect ooey-gooey brownie that everyone will love. So with the holiday season coming up, go ahead and enjoy the anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory properties with each delicious bite. This recipe is vegan, refined sugar free, and can be made gluten free. You HAVE to try it!!

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