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Hey Guys,

I want to talk to you about smoothies and how they have impacted me. I, like most people, found it easy to walk over to the pantry grab simple carbs (i.e. chips and junk food) and frankly, I wasn’t feeling great.

The more I ate the pantry food, the more I was just mindlessly eating. I was never full or satisfied. I made multiple trips back for more, and I never made it to the fridge for fruits and vegetables. I noticed my eating habits were bringing my energy levels down.

Sneaking vegetables into my smoothie helped transform my palette. After a few weeks, I noticed I was enjoying the vegetables on my dinner plate too. Smoothies can help transform your palette! You become more accustomed to the flavor and texture of vegetables. I don’t know if you’ll exactly be craving vegetables, but they do start to taste better. You will stay fuller longer from all the fiber in the veggies. Did you know leafy greens fill you up more than chips??? Crazy, right?

Smoothies are fun to play with too. One ingredient can transform the whole smoothie. Try throwing in a lemon, lime or cucumber and see what happens to your regular smoothie. Make it thicker, smoother… it’s very dynamic!!

What foods do you love? Throw it in!! Love blueberries (like me), add more!! Hate bananas? Don’t put them in. It’s your smoothie. Experiment, play, have fun, and feel great! Keep ingredients on hand so it is quick and easy.

Not convinced yet? Here are some of the things I noticed after I made smoothies a regular part of my routine. My complexion improved, and my skin color looked better – I received compliments on my skin and eyes. My energy levels were better. I could really feel positive changes happening both physically and emotionally.

This all began with my Health Coach Certification education. I learned about the healing properties of certain foods. I learned about the value of blueberries and the protective properties of the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables. I learned about kale, leafy greens, walnuts, almonds – all these wonderful foods with nutrients our bodies need.

If you feel lost, or unsure about how or what to eat, let’s set up a time to talk. This is my passion. I want to help you feel better and do more of what you love.

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