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Need a Running Coach?

This weekend I had the opportunity to run and participate in a local running event in Austin called Zilker Relays. The pandemic has put a damper on events and races all over the country, and it was wonderful to be out in the community, run with my teammates, and see familiar faces of friends and runners – all out doing what they love to do.

In reflecting about my own personal journey with health and running, I was reminded not everyone knows I COACH RUNNERS!! One of my clients participated in her first Zilker Relays. I was reminded in that moment how grateful I am to be able to be involved in her journey with running and experience the highs and lows with her. I love seeing the jubilation of runners giving high fives and congratulating one another – regardless of pace or place. It’s wonderful to all be connected in those moments.

Whether it’s helping a runner achieve a personal goal in running, leading the way for someone new to the sport, or helping someone achieve personal health goals – coaching and mentoring gives me so much personal fulfillment.

I talk to people every day who think they don’t like running, they think they can’t run fast, or they can’t run that far. Thinking about a marathon is overwhelming. There are ways and processes to make running easy, fulfilling, and even fun. A running coach (like me!!) can break down running into steps that are achievable.

Success in running is more than just miles on the road. Managing all the elements of health are a part of the programs I create for my runners. Whether it’s discussing meals during the week, ensuring adequate hydration throughout the day, or accommodating lifestyle factors like work and family – all these elements of health are part of the programs I design to help my runners be successful.

Recently, I was inspired by a Runners World article laying out all the reasons to hire a running coach. There is some great information in this article. If you have the time or need some more convincing about why you should hire me…. Have a read.

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